Introducing CarbonABLE’s first blue carbon sink: Las Delicias!
3 min readMay 8, 2022

360 NFTs are up for grabs. Mint date: May 10th. Help save the planet while building a consistent market value!

Restoring paradise in Panama

Years ago, the coastal waters of the island of Colón in Bocas del Toro archipelago in Panama were abuzz with tourists, restaurants and activity. But today the area is not doing so well. Erosion and rising sea levels have degraded the area’s natural mangrove forests.

Las Delicias site, view from the sky

But May 10th is the first day of a new start for the mangroves of Las Delicias and the surrounding area. CarbonABLE is minting 360 NFTs, representing 500m2 of mangrove wetlands each to restore the mangrove forests that are used to protect the coast.

What will that do? It will help restore balance to the carbon cycle. Certified by Wildsense, and managed by Fundación Naturaleza, the project will remove nearly 5,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. That’s the carbon emissions equivalent of 305,000 smartphones¹!

From Sand to Sustainable

This project is geographically small, just 18 hectares. Within 3 years, 10,000 red mangrove trees will be planted on the shallow sands of the project site. Don’t worry about mono-planting — mangrove forests are often naturally made up of one single mangrove species.

Red mangrove trees that will be planted on the site

The restoration of these mangrove trees will restore a habitat that is home to marine wildlife. Populations of important species such as crabs, sea sponges, sea urchins, starfish, and schools of fish hide in the roots of the mangrove trees from predators. Seagrass cover growth, an important buffer for marine life and storm surge will also increase.

Without forgetting the social impact

Las Delicias is managed by the non-profit Fundación Naturaleza. Their mission aims to support the Ministry of the Environment in the protection, conservation, and restoration of the natural resources of the Panamanian state. How? Through protection, surveillance, and monitoring.

Fundacion Naturaleza in action

In the region, Fundación Naturaleza projects have an employment ratio that is usually 65% women. Their responsibilities include planting, monitoring, and preparing meals for events.

Once the mangroves have been restored and the marine wildlife in the area reaches equilibrium, ecotourism guides can return to the region. These boatmen earn their living by giving eco-conscious boat tours. This caters to tourists who wish to respectfully see marine wildlife such as dolphins and sharks.

DeFi and blue carbon sinks

This isn’t an average speculation-based NFT. By staking your NFT on our DeFi protocol, you’ll get a reality-backed resale margin. Each CarbonABLE project is evaluated forwards, backward, and sideways before we agree to fund it.

Transparency is important to us: by holding a single CarbonABLE Las Delicias NFT, you’ll receive updates on how your 500m2 plot of mangrove wetland is doing. You can check on the platform to see the satellite imagery in the area, showing changes and growth.

And after 6 months of holding, you’ll start to receive the value of that NFT. Help save the planet and earn great rewards. That’s how DeFi for good works!





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