Can Web3 tackle the climate crisis?
3 min readApr 6, 2022


There is a mass of money tied up in Web3 that could be put to use dealing with humanity’s biggest challenge: climate change. Here’s how…

Can Web3 be part of the climate solution?

Web3 is bringing power to the people across all spheres of industry and in every corner of the world. The metaverse is changing entertainment and how we consume, sure. But what about the part of Web3 that is linked to DeFi? What if it could do what the world’s governments have so far failed to do? Can Web3 and climate change have a positive outcome? We say, YES.

Web3 money needs to do more

Web3 is the future of humanity’s systems and organization. Speaking to TechCrunch, Lior Messika of Eden Block said :

“Web3 will house our financial institutions, social interactions, personal identities and much, much more in the not-so-distant future.¹”

We’re not there yet, but change can already happen. What if the money circulating in Web3, funding tokens, and speculatory NFTs were used for something more? We believe at CarbonABLE that it has to. If Web3 is really going to be the revolution that brings power to the individual, then individuals have to use it to save our home: we have to use it to fight climate change. And we can.

An ungodly amount of money

In early March 2022, all the world’s crypto was worth $1.7 trillion USD.² Or about six times the net-worth of Elon Musk.³ What’s more, this crypto is spread across 300 million users.⁴ That’s a far cry from the wealth gap that exists in traditional currency.

CarbonABLE’s projects cost between 200k and few millions to finance to take out thousand of tons of carbon dioxide and dangerous greenhouse gases from the atmosphere annually. That’s an infinitely small percentage of the possible crypto market, and yet it’s a huge win for our planet.

And you, someone who wants to help:

If you’ve been frustrated by global governments’ impotence faced with the climate crisis you’re not alone. Governments are moving too slow, elected leaders are too cowardly in their actions, and fighting climate change is too complex for one person to tackle.

DeFi technology offers the speed and security to make a real transformation towards restoring balance to the Earth’s climate. CarbonABLE isn’t here to fix our political leaders’ priorities. We are here to help you to save the planet. By financing real carbon sink projects through our NFTs, you’re leveraging Web3 to do what the world’s leaders are not agile enough to do: you’re taking real, dramatic, important action to save our home.

Crowdfunding version Web3

CarbonABLE launchpad

Web3 is offering new innovations in finance, but its potential for positive impact in the real world is still developing. CarbonABLE is a pioneer in the sphere, using the tools of Web3 and our expertise in climate finance to create a better future. We don’t believe that the dawn of the metaverse is a sentence to merge into our couches and live a life glued to our screens. We believe we can use this technology to improve the real world we live in.

Think of CarbonABLE’s projects as a reinvented crowdfunding platform, generating financial yield. Crypto-investors finance the restoration and regeneration of natural carbon sinks and receive an NFT that represents their participation to the project. Holders can receive a great financial reward while watching the carbon sink regenerate nature in real-time. We hope you’ll join us in merging Web3 and climate change to secure a brighter future for us all.





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