CarbonABLE’s First Mint: 160 NFTs restoring the forest at Banegas Farm!
3 min readMay 3, 2022

What’s at stake: 8,000 planted trees, 4 hectares of forest, huge opportunity for biodiversity!

Our first project is here!!

Can you tell we’re excited? CarbonABLE’s first minting is almost ready to launch: 160 NFTs to fund the reforestation of the Banegas Farm, in Costa Rica! Over the next 30 years, this project will capture 1851 metric tons of carbon emissions, helping restore balance to the carbon cycle. That’s the carbon emission equivalent of 1.6 million paperback books.

But of course, there is more: the restoration of the forest will increase forest connectivity, enlarging the habitat of the tropical forest’s flora and fauna. Some of the rock stars that live there? Panthers and pumas, for a start!

Puma in Costa Rica

Why are whole forests important?

At present, the Banegas site is a patch of dirt and shrubs that was degraded over time due to overgrazing. But it can become a lush forest with two canopies (layers of upper and lower tree cover), where local biodiversity can thrive. CarbonABLE’s first project, managed by the Corcovado Foundation, will restore the forest to its natural lush state: a whole forest.

A whole forest is one without any large gaps (consider forest connectivity) in tree or plant cover, that allows for the flora and fauna to naturally move and live within its bounds. Forest connectivity is important for animals to be able to easily access their whole habitat; patchy forests make moving around difficult and can separate species populations, creating an unbalance in the ecosystem.

By replanting a minimum of 2000 native trees per year over the next three years, the plot will experience an accelerated rewilding, giving nature a helping hand.

Localisation of the reforestation project

This will re-establish wildlife corridors and help wild cats like the jaguar, puma, and manigordo ocelot to thrive. Other species that will benefit from the corridor are mono colorado butterflies, tapirs, and red & green macaws. Once restored, the Banegas Farm will seem like a wildlife sanctuary.

Good for humans too..

The Banegas Farm will not just benefit local biodiversity. It will help humans globally and locally. Globally the project will absorb excess carbon emissions, helping us avoid catastrophic climate change. And locally, the project will have many benefits. The Banegas Farm is managed by the Corcovado Foundation, a non-profit organization working for environmental conservation in Costa Rica. All the seedlings for the project come from a local, women-owned nursery.

The Corcovado Foundation employs local communities for their reforestation projects thus creating thousands of job opportunities and slowly closing the gender gap. Through their Environmental Education program, they have been continuously working with thousands of children since 2003, to promote environmental citizenship. The Banegas project will be another opportunity to offer on-the-ground activities for local kids.

CarbonABLE: leverage DeFi to save the planet:

The rewilding of Banegas Farm is CarbonABLE’s first project — and we know it’s going to be a great one. After the project’s NFTs are minted on May 6th, the project will be funded and the work will begin.

Want to learn more about the project and how it will be managed? Check it on our launchpad. NFT holders will be able to check in on their slice of the restored forest at any time thanks to the satellite imaging software of Wildsense. Because our resale value is reality-backed with carbon credits, they’ll also see their value growing consistently after 6 months of holding.

Ready to help rebalance the carbon cycle and restore wildlife corridors in Costa Rica? Want to make sure you get your slice? Join the Discord!



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