Introducing the Carbonable Leaderboard
4 min readMar 4, 2024


Now, automatically earn rewards for your positive contributions in nature restoration.

We have a major update… A new point system that comes with various boosting mechanisms for the entire Carbonable community. Introducing, the Carbonable Leaderboard.

Why a Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard reflects the core philosophy of Carbonable and our founding environmental commitment to the planet. It isn’t just a scoreboard; it’s a reflection of the tangible impact each member of our community has on restoring and preserving nature.

To recognize our community members for all the actions they’ve done for Carbonable and the planet, points are awarded and displayed. So the more actions you take, the more impact you have, and the higher you go in the rankings.

An Overview of the Leaderboard

Essentially, the leaderboard works as follows: the more points you earn, the higher your rank on the leaderboard. And, higher rankings are directly proportional to the benefits you receive.

Some of these benefits include rewards such as access to exclusive sales, discounts on resale fees, and exclusive rewards such as future management rights. And, other benefits will follow soon!

How does it work?

You can move up the leaderboard by doing different activities and earning points. Our goal is to be as fair as possible and to make sure that everyone has many ways to earn points and move up the leaderboard.

But wait, how exactly do you earn points?

There are a variety of ways to earn points, which are detailed in the Rule Breakdown table below.

Also, if you have been associated with Carbonable in the past, you will already have some points based on the amount you have funded, the farms you have claimed, and the number of projects you have funded.

Secondary Market Sales

It’s important to note that the current system primarily tracks direct actions taken within the Carbonable ecosystem. As of now, the acquisition or sale of shares in secondary markets does not directly influence your point total. This is because we focus on specific blockchain events that reflect direct engagement with our projects and platform. However, we may evolve our rules and mechanisms over time.

Boosting Mechanisms

There is more! To spice things up, there will be boosts associated with certain milestones and activities to give your points that extra kick you need to climb the leaderboard.

Why do we offer these boosts?

To acknowledge some actions that are key to furthering Carbonable’s nature restoration mission.

For instance, early funders in a project can expect a boost in their points. This is because those individuals play a crucial role in kickstarting the initiatives that lead to real-world ecological benefits. By stepping in early, they not only show faith in the potential of these projects but also enable their success and scalability. This early support is critical to the momentum of restoration efforts, allowing for quicker impact.

Rule Breakdown

For the sake of clarity and transparency, we will begin with 5 driving factors for points:

  • The amount of $ funded, which directly links to the amount of nature restored.
  • The amount $ claimed in farming, which rewards the use of the protocol and the long-term commitment.
  • The amount of $ offset, which rewards the positive contribution for carbon removal.
  • Funding of early projects, which rewards early adopters.
  • The number of projects funded, which rewards the consistency of positive actions.

All these factors happen(ed) on-chain, hence why other various driving factors will be taken into account and released gradually (and retroactively), including:

  • Zealy points: These will have a significant impact on leaderboard points, as they are directly tied to the help provided to carry our voice and Mother Nature’s.
  • Badges: Each badge will generate a certain number of points and/or boosts.
  • Discord Roles & Actions: These will be important as well as they are directly tied to the efforts provided to nurture the community.
  • Refer a Friend: The more Carbonablers, the better for the planet!
  • Refer a business: the more businesses that offset with integrity, the better for the planet!

Here is a breakdown summary of the leaderboard driving factors rules set for the launch, and the ones soon to be added:

We leave ourselves the freedom to evolve the rules and boosting mechanisms over time, as well as the number of driving factors, to ensure maximum fairness.

Carbonable is all about its community. A big thank you to everyone who has supported us and gotten involved in driving nature restoration worldwide.

We’re excited to launch the Carbonable Leaderboard as we believe it furthers our philosophy of recognizing and rewarding collective ecological restoration efforts.

This feature is designed to measure the impact of every contribution, big or small because we believe that every restoration action plays a critical role in our journey toward a net-zero future.

As we look ahead, we look forward to using this leaderboard to help us determine new governance mechanisms to ensure that the voices that drive our projects and increase our impact are the ones that guide our future decisions.

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