1762 Carbonable NFTs Coming Soon to Fight Deforestation on Madagascar: The Manjarisoa Project

4 min readJan 21, 2023


Dozens of endangered species of lemurs, birds, and frogs will thrive in the restored Manjariso forest when you mint a Carbonable Manjarisoa NFT. Mint date: January 26th.

Our new reforestation project is packed with ecological, biodiversity, and social impact!

Regenerating Manjarisoa Forest

It’s a cliché of exploitation and development we’ve seen all over the world: over the past 60 years, Madagascar has lost over 50% of its tropical rainforests. The 680-hectare Manjarisoa forest in the east of the island hasn’t been spared. Slash-and-burn clearing techniques, overgrazing, and illegal charcoal production have severely degraded the land. And the tide hasn’t shifted yet. The forest is now threatened by an Asian industrial group that wishes to raze the remaining forest and install ponds for industrial fish farming.

Is this giving you climate anxiety? It shouldn’t: this is where the Carbonable community can make a difference. On January 26th 1762 Carbonable NFTs will be available to mint on StarkNet (you read that right — we’ve migrated to the big league StarkNet platform!). With our certification partner Wildsense and project developer ForestCalling Action, we’re preparing to step in to protect and regenerate this priceless biodiversity hotspot.

These NFTs represent a project of 20.7 hectares of real forest in Manjarisoa, the future planting of 13,418 trees, and the creation of a carbon sink that stocks 8,000 tonnes of carbon in 20 years. That’s close to the annual carbon footprint of nearly 1,000 French citizens*!

More than Trees & Carbon Sequestration

Estimates suggest that more than 90% of plants and 85% of animals on Madagascar are endemic*. But without active protection, this rare biodiversity is in danger. By building a nursery and then replanting the Manjarisoa area with six native tree species, a habitat and haven for endangered species will be restored.

What does that reforestation sound like? It will be loud! The hoots of 6 species of lemurs will echo through its canopy and the croaks of 6 species of frogs will float up from the ponds. The songs of 6 species of bird will fly through the air and the rustles, hisses, and chirps of another half dozen of snake, lizard, and small mammal species will create an enchanting audible symphony of life.

Good Partners, Good Goals, Good Results

The Manjarisoa reforestation project is led by project developer ForestCalling Action. Founded in 2020 by John Galloula to safeguard tropical forests and stop deforestation, their model focuses on the acquisition of threatened forest ecosystems to create natural reserves and to protect biodiversity and ecosystems. They’ve already restored over 25 ha in Madagascar, and we’re happy to join forces with them on this big, impactful project!

And what about those SDGs we love talking about? The Manjarisoa project responds to three of the UN’s SDGs:

  • #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth: in the short term up to 91 local people paid living wages will be hired to build the nursery, sow, and plant the trees, as well as care for the project on a daily basis.
  • #13: Climate Action: the restored forest will stock more than 8,000 tonnes of carbon over the next twenty years — an important contribution to controlling the greenhouse gas crisis.
  • #15: Life on Land: More than 3000 lemurs will call this swath of regenerated forest home, as well as endangered species of frogs, birds, reptiles and other small mammals.

Blockchain Meets Nature Regeneration:

Carbonable’s nature-backed NFTs regenerate nature while creating reality-backed resale value. We put our noses to the grindstone to find, vet, and present the very best nature-restoration carbon sink projects on the market for our community. Since we began last June, our holders have already begun seeing their resale value and the real positive impact their funding has on the natural environment. And, more exciting news, we’re starting to scale up our impact — this minting 55% of the NFTs will be minted by businesses trusting us as the most efficient tool to drive and manage funding carbon removal. This is the first step of many toward bringing Web3 to the carbon removal market.

Here’s the easy how-to: After the mint, hold onto your Manjarisoa NFT for 6 months. Then, you’ll start to receive the resale value. Join our Discord now, reserve your spot on the Whitelist, and get ahead of the carbon credit crunch. Restoring the planet and earning a consistent resale value is possible, with Carbonable. See you on January 26th!


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(2) Goodman, S., & Benstead, J. (2005). Updated estimates of biotic diversity and endemism for Madagascar. Oryx, 39(1), 73-77. doi:10.1017/S0030605305000128




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